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Intertek Protek Supports AMResorts CleanComplete Verification Program

Intertek Cristal, a market leading global health, safety, quality and security risk management business focused on the travel, tourism and hospitality sectors, has announced their support in helping AMResorts implement a safe and healthy re-opening plan across its branded properties. The CleanComplete Verification™ program features Intertek’s new audit protocol to help in the Prevention of the Spread of Infection (POSI).

As part of Intertek’s Protek Solutions for health, safety, and wellbeing, POSI-Check was established to support organizations in the coming weeks and months as the world recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic. The POSI-Check audit program is designed to address the current and future need to formulate and monitor an effective response to communicable infections in hotels and restaurants around the world. AMResorts® has implemented the new POSI-Check program at its 56 award-winning branded properties located throughout Mexico, the Caribbean, Costa Rica and Panama to further elevate the standards of quality and cleanliness, on top of offering premium accommodations and extraordinary inclusions.

Intertek has a long-standing partnership with AMResorts® through its Cristal brand. As part of its innovative new Protek Health Safety and Wellbeing Assurance program, Intertek will also support in identifying, prioritizing and effectively managing risk in their hotels through Intertek Cristal’s FoodCheck, PoolCheck, AquaCheck, RoomCheck, SecurityCheck, and FireCheck audit protocols. By implementing POSI-Check as part of AMResorts®’ CleanCompleteVerification™ program, they will ensure their staff around the world all have the tools needed to maintain a level of POSI control in any environment, and help give guests assurance that their health and safety is of utmost importance.

POSI-Check certification will be earned through hands on training sessions, bi-monthly auditing, and easy-to-use swab tests to detect adenosine triphosphate (ATP) of key surfaces in public common areas such as toilet and restrooms, bars and dining areas, reception and concierge desks, elevators and escalators, gym and leisure facilities.

Intertek Protek is proud to be a part of AMResorts®’ mission to create safe and welcoming environments for all their employees and guests. This partnership began long before these unprecedented times and, as expected, AMResorts® raised the bar even higher given today’s environment and has been able to provide assurance throughout this pandemic and into the new normal as travel picks up once again. Through Intertek Protek solutions, such as POSI-Check, Intertek is able to help AMResorts® not only recover from the effects of the pandemic, but also thrive in this ‘new normal’ environment.

As the world reopens to a new normal and travelers begin to plan vacations once again, the health and safety of guests at AMResorts® branded properties remains a top priority through these elevated efforts. Our company is proud to collaborate with Intertek Cristal to implement best-in-class practices.

Intertek Protek provides systemic risk-based quality assurance and verification for all sectors, from food safety and hygiene control services to dedicated audit solutions for the prevention of the spread of infection in all facilities and all sectors. This includes hotels, restaurants and retail outlets where consumers will look for visible safety verification of the places in which they stay or pass through. Protek offers turnkey solutions, from facility health assessment, cleaning and disinfecting process oversight and post-cleaning verification, to compliance reporting and certification across schools and education sites, transportation hubs and manufacturing plants. Protek helps businesses obtain independent assurance that they are fulfilling their duty of care and provides their employees and customers with the confidence they need, everywhere, every day.

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