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IGS Named BI Worldwide Inspirational Partner for the Second Year in a Row

Sam Briggs of IGS Wins BI Worldwide Inspirational Partner Award
Sam Briggs of IGS, BI Worldwide Inspirational Partner

Dallas, TX (December 19, 2018) – Sam Briggs of International Group Sales, Inc. (IGS), the proud representatives of a specially selected portfolio of luxury resorts and hotels in Mexico, the Caribbean, and Latin & North America, has been named as a BI WORLDWIDE Inspirational Partner for the second year in a row. This designation aligns IGS with other select companies who maintain a loyal partnership and provide outstanding service in the event industry.

Sam was recognized in the following award categories:

  • Never give up – A partner who demonstrated tenacity and willingness to go the extra mile during difficult circumstances

  • In it for the long haul – A partner who repeatedly demonstrates a commitment to partnership

  • Play nice in the sandbox – A partner who best demonstrated collaborative behavior

  • Change is inevitable…so get on with it – A partner who was especially integral during a disruption situation

“We’re proud to recognize Sam and IGS as an Inspirational Partner. Their high standards help us to create great experiences and deliver powerful moments for our clients. We look forward to continuing our partnership,” said Paul Bergeron, Senior Vice President of Event Solutions at BI WORLDWIDE.

“When I think of Sam Briggs, I think of a consistent outstanding performer. All I ever hear is wonderful things about [him]. He responds, which may not seem like a big deal. But in the current sellers’ market, hotel responses can be weak at best. Sam has become an excellent source of information for the hotels and resorts he represents. Whenever there are any contract issues, he will work hard to get things resolved to create a win-win situation for everyone involved. The wonderful thing about Sam is that he knows his product. He takes the time to visit the resorts and gives us honest appraisals of all of them. Sam is a true BI Worldwide partner year after year.”

“We’re incredibly proud to be represented by Sam Briggs across the midwest region,” said Norma Villela-Alberico, President of IGS. “Sam consistently demonstrates true dedication to serving his clients and seeing that all of their needs are anticipated and goals are met, so we aren’t surprised to see Sam win this award for the second year in a row. At IGS, providing the highest level of service is always our number one priority as we assist companies in selecting the best facilities for their corporate group events across a variety of luxurious destinations.”

About BI WORLDWIDE’s Inspirational Partners

BI WORLDWIDE's Inspirational Partner Forum is designed to bring key supplier partners together for celebration, education and ideation. These key partners are a vital component to achieving excellence for our customers’ events and BI WORLDWIDE is honored to recognize Inspirational Partners across categories that align with BI WORLDWIDE’s corporate values, including “In it for the long haul,” “It’s not all about us,” Innovate or perish” and “Fast is better than slow; action is better than talk.”


At BI WORLDWIDE, we inspire people and deliver measurable business results. Inspired employees solve problems and create value. Inspired salespeople take risks and seize opportunity. And inspired channel partners and customers choose your brand every time. We work with great companies around the globe who know that extraordinary results can only be achieved when their business is energized by the people who make it happen.

About International Group Sales (IGS)

International Group Sales (IGS) represents a specially selected portfolio of resorts and hotels around the world. They specialize in corporate sponsored group travel for incentives, meetings, and conventions. IGS matches corporate groups with quality hotels capable of operating complex meetings and programs for groups of 15 to 1,000 people. Groups that partner with IGS receive the utmost level of service, attentiveness, and are guaranteed competitive US rates.


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